Hotel & Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers USA

Our Journey
  • 1992 - Royal Tech Engineers incorporated in 1992 with 10 people
  • 1996 - Launched our brand “Comfort” starting with furniture Casters
  • 2002 - Started manufacturing Casters upto 1 ton load capacity
  • 2008 - Adopted ISO 9001:2008 system of working
  • 2013 - Participated in our first domestic exhibition in Delhi
  • 2017 - Launched four new innovative products for automotive industry

Our casters for the Hotel & Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers are designed to offer comfort, mobility and excellent performance. At Comfort Casters, we strive hard to provide our clients in the hotel & kitchen equipment manufacturing industry with an assortment of casters that are best suited for their jobs/projects. Depending upon their requirements, hotel and kitchen equipment manufacturers can pick heavy, medium and light duty casters and wheels.

The ‘Comfort Casters’ Difference

With plethora of casters available in the market, choosing one can be quite the task. We simplify that task for you by providing durable, premium quality and innovative casters at cost-effective rates.

Here’s how we differentiate ourselves from the competitors:

  • We provide you with caters in different weight categories that enable you to bear varied load capacities.
  • Our team designs the best quality casters that are easy to attach to different equipment/furniture.
  • Our casters for hotel & kitchen equipment manufacturers come with different mounting capabilities.
  • We use premium grade materials to design a wide range of casters that are ideal for the hotel & kitchen manufacturing industry.
  • We are dedicated to providing prompt delivery and efficient customer service to our clients.

Whether you require specially designed casters for your specific equipment or projects or even if you feel that any of our existing designs matches your key requirements, we are fully capable of providing you one and all.

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